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First published by Berkley/Jove in the romance genre, Judy Douglas Knauer then earned 13 journalism awards at an Illinois weekly. “Over My Dead Body” and several regional magazines are on her published list. "A Dirty Way to Die,” a PI mystery; thriller “The Devil’s Heat”; and, latest thriller “Over the Edge,” which Kirkus Reviews says has: “…an impressively colorful cast of characters” are currently available through Barnes and You can obtain signed paperback copies directly from the author by leaving a chat message on this site!


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A thriller impressively colorful cast of characters.
"Knauer crafts a thriller that draws on present-day Middle East strife and the U.S. government's attitudes toward terrorism...
"...the novel's secondary characters shine...
"The book's human touches aren't merely fun, but key to the plot..."

J.D. Knauer's done put the thrill back into the thriller novel with a deft hand, weaving a complex and fascinating tale of mayhem...making James Patterson look like a boy scout by comparison." Review of Over the Edge.

Pulse-pounding action, a flawed hero with a code of ethics, and the inside story on women mud wrestlers combine for an exciting adventure in J. Douglas Knauer's A DIRTY WAY TO DIE."

KIRKUS REVIEWS on Over the Edge

Robert W. Walker, author of The Edge of Instinct, Dead On, and more.

Luisa Buehler, author of The Grace Marsden Mysteries


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No SleuthFest in Deerfield Beach, Florida this year; no walking along the beach; no exercising in the hotel pool even if the air temps are only in the 70's. That's what gals from Illinois do when they go to Florida in March. Well...maybe next year!



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